Mixtape Monday: Music From The Big Screen

By: Ashton May Bonjour and greetings from France! Mixtape Monday doesn’t stop for anything, not even international travel. I hope you enjoyed the delightful New Wave jams last week. If you were super into it, here’s a direct link to that playlist here. So, yes--for the next 2+ weeks I’ll be in Cannes, France for … Continue reading Mixtape Monday: Music From The Big Screen

Mixtape Monday: Springtime Drive

By: Ashton May Welcome, once again, to Mixtape Monday. If you missed last week’s uplifting mixtape of Beautiful, Sad songs, find the post here, or a direct link to the playlist here. Spring is in full swing now! To me, it’s terrible allergies, wasps and sweat. But to most of you, it’s a beautiful season … Continue reading Mixtape Monday: Springtime Drive

Mixtape Monday: Beautiful, Sad Songs

  Ashton is back with Mixtape Monday, Volume 2! It’s that day again! This past week, I’ve been a little down for one reason or another, so I thought it’d be a good, cathartic activity for me to theme this week’s playlist with 20 beautifully sad songs. Some people like to force feel-good music upon … Continue reading Mixtape Monday: Beautiful, Sad Songs

10 in 1001.

So I've done many, many a "101 Things in 1001" days list & failed miserably at all of them. To be honest, it's almost impossible not to have to come up with some lofty, maybe unachievable plans when listing 101 things on the spot. I've decided to go my own way and do a "10 … Continue reading 10 in 1001.