Jams for your self love journey

Sometimes the best way to motivate yourself is through music. I swear, my house gets cleaner when I have a good playlist going while doing chores. I've had a lot of conversations with friends recently about the importance of music that promotes a healthy body image. There's so much media out there that promotes the … Continue reading Jams for your self love journey

Currently Listening: Spring Feels

There's something about Spring that makes me play nothing but indie music and nostalgic songs. Instead of my usual Mixtape Monday, I decided to switch it up and share with y'all a playlist of what I'm currently listening to. Listen while you read HERE. Lovely Day- Bill Withers: Honestly I heard this song on a … Continue reading Currently Listening: Spring Feels

Mixtape Monday: Feelin’ Good Vol. 1

We're back with another Mixtape Monday! This week, we're switching it up from the sadness of last week's playlist & embracing positive vibes with this week's playlist called "Feelin' Good. Vol. 1". If you loved last week's playlist, listen to it again HERE. This week's playlist is made up of my "roll the windows down … Continue reading Mixtape Monday: Feelin’ Good Vol. 1

Mixtape Monday: Fresh Finds Vol. 1

By: Ashton May Bienvenue to another Mixtape Monday! Last week, we had a fun playlist full of popular original songs from feature films. If you want to keep that playlist forever and ever in your Spotify library, here’s a direct link to the playlist here. I’m still in Cannes, France for the Cannes Film Festival. … Continue reading Mixtape Monday: Fresh Finds Vol. 1