Currently Listening: Spring Feels

There's something about Spring that makes me play nothing but indie music and nostalgic songs. Instead of my usual Mixtape Monday, I decided to switch it up and share with y'all a playlist of what I'm currently listening to. Listen while you read HERE. Lovely Day- Bill Withers: Honestly I heard this song on a … Continue reading Currently Listening: Spring Feels

Mixtape Monday: Feelin’ Good Vol. 1

We're back with another Mixtape Monday! This week, we're switching it up from the sadness of last week's playlist & embracing positive vibes with this week's playlist called "Feelin' Good. Vol. 1". If you loved last week's playlist, listen to it again HERE. This week's playlist is made up of my "roll the windows down … Continue reading Mixtape Monday: Feelin’ Good Vol. 1

Mixtape Monday: Summertime Sadness Vol. 1

It's been a while since our last Mixtape Monday. For some reason, summer always makes me in the mood to listen to the weirdest music. Sometimes it's cheesy 90's country that I grew up on, sometimes it's blaring Sublime at all times of day, and sometimes it's sad indie music. Right now, it's definitely the … Continue reading Mixtape Monday: Summertime Sadness Vol. 1

Mixtape Monday: Music From The Big Screen

By: Ashton May Bonjour and greetings from France! Mixtape Monday doesn’t stop for anything, not even international travel. I hope you enjoyed the delightful New Wave jams last week. If you were super into it, here’s a direct link to that playlist here. So, yes--for the next 2+ weeks I’ll be in Cannes, France for … Continue reading Mixtape Monday: Music From The Big Screen

Mixtape Monday: Catch The New Wave

By: Ashton May Welcome to another Mixtape Monday! If you really liked last week’s “Cover to Cover” mixtape, here’s a direct link to that playlist here. This week I’m hitting another definitive decade-based genre; my favorite sector of music from the 1980s-- new wave and post-punk. 80s new wave incorporated characteristics of 70s punk, but … Continue reading Mixtape Monday: Catch The New Wave

Mixtape Monday: Beautiful, Sad Songs

  Ashton is back with Mixtape Monday, Volume 2! It’s that day again! This past week, I’ve been a little down for one reason or another, so I thought it’d be a good, cathartic activity for me to theme this week’s playlist with 20 beautifully sad songs. Some people like to force feel-good music upon … Continue reading Mixtape Monday: Beautiful, Sad Songs

Mixtape Monday: Femme Fatale

I know so many strong, amazing, and inspirational women, so I put out the call for guest bloggers & got an overwhelming response. So today, I'm starting something a little different. My amazingly talented friend, Ashton (seriously, check out her band The Hearsay) is going to be here every Monday with "Mixtape Monday" to get your week … Continue reading Mixtape Monday: Femme Fatale