7 Day Self-Love Challenge Day 4: Make a mood board

Welcome back to day 4 of the self-love challenge. We’re halfway through! How’s everyone feeling? Loving yourself more yet? Let’s jump back in!

Day 4: Mood boards

I am a definite magazine hoarder and whenever I’m in a creative funk, I’ll take some and cut them up. Pick out pictures and captions that you like and put them to the side. When you’re done, grab a poster board and a glue stick and start pasting your findings onto it.

When you’re done, find a spot on the wall and hang your mood board there. This way, whenever you’re in need of a little inspiration or get into a creative funk, you can look at your mood board.

Today’s task: Make a mood board! If you feel like sharing, DM me a picture on Instagram or email it to hello@baconandhashtags.com!

See you tomorrow for day 5 of the self-love challenge.



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