7 Day Self-Love Challenge Day 3: Journaling

Welcome back to day 3 of the self-love challenge. In the rush of day-to-day tasks, family obligations, and work, the desire to take time to love yourself is often lost. We could ALL use more self-love, so here’s a 7 day challenge to kick start your self-love journey.

Day 3: Journaling 

It sounds pretty simple right? If I asked you to list the things you love about a family member or your best friend or your significant other, you could probably do it in a few seconds flat. How often have you sat staring blankly when someone asks you: “Tell me about yourself, what are your strengths?”

Today’s task: Write down 3 things you love about yourself.

When you do, put that note in your purse or pocket. Look at it before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning. And whenever you are feeling negative about yourself, look at that note. Remind yourself that you are one of a kind.


See you tomorrow for day 4 of the self-love challenge.



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