7 Day Self-Love Challenge Day 1: Meditation

In the rush of day-to-day tasks, family obligations, and work, the desire to take time to love yourself is often lost. We could ALL use more self-love, so here’s a 7 day challenge to kick start your self-love journey.

Day 1: Meditation 

Meditation is an underrated form of self-love. Some may see it as just sitting in silence, chanting “om” over and over, but it isn’t about what it looks like on the outside. It’s about what’s going on on the inside.

Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can be alone, like your room or maybe even somewhere outside in the sun. Have a seat, close your eyes, just breathe. I’ll usually focus in on how my breath moves through my body while attempting to quiet my mind. When you feel your mind start to wander, refocus on your breathing. Compared to the way that your mind and thoughts are always racing, this will be a calming change of pace.

Sometimes it’s easier to use guided apps for meditation– especially if you’re new to it. Apps I’ve tried that I love are Pacifica, Headspace, Calm, and Sanity & Self.

Today’s task: Meditate. Start with five minutes a day and let your meditation expand to 20 minutes and beyond. Use an intention so you can focus your sessions. For example an intention may be: “I connect with myself now I am open to receiving what is flowing to me.” You may feel love, get inspired ideas, release a blocked emotion, experience a revelation around a challenge in your life, or see truth on the other side of a fear. Anything is possible.

See you tomorrow for day 2 of the self-love challenge.


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