{DIY} Wine Cork Garden Labels

Do you ever see crafts online that promise to be “SO EASY” and “ANYONE CAN DO IT”, but then they require 6 hours and 25 supplies? I want to be a crafty person, but I really am not. It was a hard truth to admit about myself, especially when I have such a(n) artistically gifted sisters and mom.

When I started scouring the Internet for ideas for my garden labels, I knew that it’d have to be lowkey in order for me to do it. I saw a more elaborate version of this one that I’m going to share with you and I was like, “I can make that easier.” So here we are. The foolproof, non-crafter’s craft. DIY wine cork garden labels.

You’ll need wine corks. Either ones you’ve collected or you can buy them at the craft store. I don’t drink nearly enough wine to have any saved up, so I got a pack of 10 at Michaels for around $2. Grilling skewers, should be very easy to find now that it’s Spring. I found a pack of 75 at Walmart for $1 and some change. Sharpie, everyone has Sharpies.

See? I promised you easy! Only 3 supplies.

All you do is write your plant name on the wine cork & then skewer the wine cork, pointy end up. I broke mine in half just so they wouldn’t be so tall, but that part is up to you.

Word to the wise, DO NOT skewer your finger. I have a hole in my thumb now. When they’re finished, they look like the below. Very easy, very cute, and very affordable!

What other easy crafts have you done? Share with me in the comments and maybe I can try some more non-crafter’s crafts!


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