{Things to do} The Chattanooga Market

If you know me, you’ll know that I L-O-V-E a good farmer’s market and/or craft fair. I’m serious about the craft fairs. The high schools around where I live do them every Fall, in preparation for the holiday season. I get extremely turnt on this. It’s like my Super Bowl. I go to brunch, hit up the craft fair, & then come home and nap. It’s honestly more like I’m 86 than 26.

The Chattanooga Market is a year-round craft fair/farmer’s market/food truck park/dreamland for me. I went for the first time last weekend and I’m already trying to justify another trip up 75 to hit up the market again this weekend. The market takes place every Sunday from 11a-4pm in the First Tennessee Pavilion right in Downtown Chattanooga.

First, we’ll start with the food. There was SO much of it. I got some of the elephant garlic (pictured below) and it’s the most fragrant, fresh garlic I’ve ever worked with. It’s a bit difficult to peel, but well worth the effort.

There were also tons of food trucks, a pop-up boba tea shop, produce vendors, vegan food vendors, German bakery booths, and any kind of food you could possibly think of as far as the eye could see. I stopped by the German bakery booth for pretzel bread & by the Seven Sisters Scone booth to pick up a Bacon, Cheese & Chive scone. So freakin’ good.  I also picked up Mocha Granola from Noke’s Granola (officially my new favorite granola!) &  Strawberry Sage tea from Positiffitea. I’m obsessed. I honestly cannot believe I made it through 26 years of my life without this tea.


Besides the food, another highlight of the market was all of the indie vendors. Some of my favorite purchases were the knitted Groot in a pot, the key necklace (that says “grl pwr” of course!) from Jill of All Trades, the Pocahontas necklace from Thursday Night Jewelry Co.


But my MOST favorite part of the market? The design your own bouquet booth! For $20, you pick a few flowers, hand them over, and they create magical, huge, & heavy bouquets full of fresh goodness. I got the last sunflower in the whole market. I cannot suggest Chattanooga Market enough as an amazing Sunday activity. Be sure to bring some reusable bags to tote around all of your finds & maybe a cooler full of ice to keep your produce fresh if you’re coming from ATL like I am. You can find out more about Chattanooga Market on their website here: http://publicmarkets.us/events/


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