Recipe: Worst (in a good way!) Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

These are the cookies I didn’t know I needed until I came across the recipe in a Buzzfeed article and knew I had to make them immediately.

I think we can all agree that there’s a rich tapestry of Pinterest-pins claiming they have the “BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD EVER”, but who knows if they really are?

Well, unless they are this exact recipe–I can assure you they aren’t. In two weeks, these cookies have been made 4 times in my house, with my fridge stocked with dough ready to go at all times. It’s also earned me the nickname of “Cookie Queen” among my friends. My mom, the original “Cookie Queen”, has been dethroned. And it’s all thanks to these sugar-y, chocolate-ly, balls of goodness.


The thing that makes these cookies so good? The secret ingredient.

The secret ingredient? Just try and guess.

You won’t ever think of it.

Give up?

It’s maple syrup. You can either go hella fancy with the pure maple syrup from Whole Foods, or you can keep it basic and use good ol’ Great Value brand like I did. They both work the same.

Be prepared for weight gain. Be prepared to become a cookie snob. You will stroll down the aisle at the grocery store, turning your nose up at every Keebler Elf cookie & Chips Ahoy that looks your way. “No thank you,” you’ll say. “My tastebuds have found the love of another. The one, true best cookie in the world.”

One bad thing about these cookies? How easy they are to make. They are hand-stirred. No need to bust out mixers and dough hooks for this one.

Make these cookies. Make them tonight. Be sure to enjoy with a cold glass of milk & don’t blame me if your skinny jeans are too tight in the morning.

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