Mixtape Monday: Feelin’ Good Vol. 1

We’re back with another Mixtape Monday! This week, we’re switching it up from the sadness of last week’s playlist & embracing positive vibes with this week’s playlist called “Feelin’ Good. Vol. 1”. If you loved last week’s playlist, listen to it again HERE.

This week’s playlist is made up of my “roll the windows down & sing at the top of my lungs” songs. It’s a mix of genres, but in the end, I think it fits. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.

Mixtape Monday: Feelin’ Good Vol. 1- Listen while you read HERE

  1. “All Night (feat. Knox Fortune) – Chance The Rapper: It’s almost impossible NOT to be happy when listening to Chance The Rapper.
  2. “Welcome to Paradise” – Green Day: This is just a fast, punch of energy song & it gets me hyped for anything. Especially cleaning.
  3. “Maggie May” – Rod Stewart: This definitely isn’t as fast as the rest of the songs on this list, but it’s always going to hold a special place in my heart. I have so many fond memories of riding in the car with my mom with the windows down and singing along to this song on the oldies radio station.
  4. “That’s My Girl” – Fifth Harmony: This song screams girl power to me. Like, “YAS GIRL. That’s my best friend! Keep working it!” I think it’s such a great message to girls.
  5. “Keep Fishin'” – Weezer: I think the biggest reason I associate this with a good mood song is the music video. It features The Muppets & is honestly the instant cure to a bad day.
  6. “Blueside” – Rooney: Rooney is a grossly underrated band. I first found out about them on The Princess Diaries, along with most other girls my age I’m sure. I swindled my grandmother into buying their debut album for me, when I was much too young to be listening to Rooney. I thought I was especially cool because the album had a lyric saying “living hell.” I was living dangerously at 12 years old. I still have that CD by the way.
  7. “Pet Mouse” – A Great Big Pile Of Leaves: Ry got me into this band hardcore a few years ago. Their lyrics are completely goofy and it’s impossible not to laugh when you listen to them. Example: “We got a new pet mouse// It came free with the apartment// Wasn’t too fond of him at first// But we’re starting to get along
    Finally settling// But everyone is moving out// Finally ready for settling
    But everyone is up and moving out// Trying hard to concentrate
    Living below an elephant// Who’s really into aerobics// And trying hard to get fit”
  8. “Underneath It All” – No Doubt & Lady Saw: So my parents were really overprotective when I was younger & there was a good bit of music I wasn’t allowed to listen to. No Doubt was one of those bands. One time I was hanging out at the beach with my friend & her mom (who was my mom’s best friend) and they were listening to this No Doubt song. I loved it instantly. Sadly, my mom’s friend passed away in 2007, and this song always brings back happy memories of her and the beach when I listen to it.
  9. “How’m I Gonna Get Back Home” – He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister: This song is the happiest little folk song. It always makes me think of summer days in Cade’s Cove, Tennessee with my family.
  10. “Free Bird” – Lynyrd Skynrd: I catch so much flack for my love for this song, but honestly, it just makes me in such good mood. I have no idea why. I honestly couldn’t name another Lynyrd Skynrd song, but I just love this one.


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