The {Procrastinator’s} Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’m very guilty of procrastination.

This time is no different. It’s Friday morning & I still haven’t gotten a gift for my dad for Father’s Day which is SUNDAY (eek!). After talking to some of my friends, I realized I’m not alone–apparently we’re all a bunch of procrastinors!

So in the spirit of needing a great gift for my dad, but on limited time, I’ve put together this Procrastinator’s Father’s Day Gift Guide to make your life easier with gifts you still have time to get, courtesy of next day shipping and/or Amazon Prime.


For the easily amused dad: I don’t know about your dad, but my dad always loves those tabletop/desktop games that come out around Christmas, so this bowling desktop game from Uncommon Goods really caught my eye ($8.00-$45.00, depending on size)

For the techy dad: Dad can have fun an immersive world without ever leaving his favorite recliner with this Samsung Gear VR headset ($69.99)

For the auto enthusiast dad: This compact powerhouse charger fits in dad’s back pocket, will jump start your car, Also charges smartphones, tablets, speakers, and more.

For the hipster dad: This 4 beer jelly set from Uncommon Goods is for the dad who’s already been down that whole home-brew road and needs new ways to commune with his favorite fermented beverage.

For the outdoorsy, but sleepy dad: Give dad a break with this inflatable lounger that floats on water and comes equipped with cup holders and a headrest.

For the indoorsy sleepy dad: These slippers from UGG honestly have “dad” written all over them.

For the dad who’s always connected: Still the best fitness tracker/watch/supercomputer around. If your dad’s an Apple guy and he doesn’t own one of these yet, the time has come.

For the organic dad: This face & beard wash from Lush Cosmetics is one of my favorite things even though I don’t have a beard. This creamy, citrusy wash is also cruelty-free and vegan, which any crunchy dad will appreciate.

For the beachy dad: It wouldn’t be a Father’s Day gift guide without a tie. This Hawaiian print tie is perfect for dad if he’s ready to head to the beach later this summer.

And finally, for the classic dad: You can never go wrong with cologne, especially Cool Water. It’s the daddest scent ever & will instantly remind you of your childhood when you smell it.



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