Recipe: Three Cheese & Garlic Gnocchi

I think cheese and garlic might really be my love language.

Tonight while I was cooking dinner, I took inventory of just how much cheese we have in this house, and the truth is–it’s a ton. Like more than a full drawer full, a ton. There’s something about cheese that is just comforting, which is probably why one of my all-time favorite comfort foods is mac & cheese.

I ran across this recipe on Pinterest a few months ago, made it once, and while I remember it being good, I totally forgot about it until I had to find a way to work the gnocchi we picked up at Trader Joe’s into the dinner line up.

Well, I made it again tonight, and let me tell you–it won’t be forgotten again any time soon. This dish is the best of both worlds: creamy and decadent, while also being insanely easy to prepare and requiring minimum clean up. It is definitely going to become a weeknight staple in our household.

Note: This dish can be made vegetarian friendly by using vegetable broth, and it would be equally delicious. I plan to try it next time!

I want to find more ways to use gnocchi in dishes, so tell me your favorite ways to prepare or eat gnocchi in the comments!

Gnocchi Recipe Card.

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