10 in 1001.

So I’ve done many, many a “101 Things in 1001” days list & failed miserably at all of them.

To be honest, it’s almost impossible not to have to come up with some lofty, maybe unachievable plans when listing 101 things on the spot.

I’ve decided to go my own way and do a “10 in 1001” list. My list is made of up experiences I want to have and places I want to travel in the next 2.75 years.

In order from the top left: Suntrust Park, Seattle, Central Park, Portland, Little Sahara, Austin, Indoor Skydiving, Balboa Park, Magnolia Market
  1. Suntrust Park: The Braves are opening a new field this season, and I really want to take my dad to opening day.
  2. Seattle: Been on my bucket list forever, but even more so now due to the all the Grey’s Anatomy I’ve been watching.
  3. Central Park: I feel like all of my reasoning for wanting to go places revolves around movies, but all I need to say is, “You’ve Got Mail.” I also really want to do this tour because I’m a huge nerd.
  4. Portland: I want to walk around Portland and listen to my Elliott Smith albums. Don’t know who he is? Check this out and prepare to swoon.
  5. Little Sahara: So, I had no idea that this exsisted until I saw some engagement pictures that were shot here. It’s a national park in Oklahoma that looks just like the Sahara Desert–it’s beautiful in photos!
  6. Austin: In case you can’t tell by this list, I guess I’m just trying to do a world tour of “hipster cities”
  7. Indoor Skydiving: So obviously, this is more of an experience, but my ultimate dream is to go in a zero gravity chamber. Since that can’t happen, I’ll settle for this!
  8. Balboa Park: So this one is a little bit of a cheat, I’ve been here, but I was lost and on a time crunch so I didn’t get to do anything. I want to go back and experience the museums, do the zoo, etc.
  9. Magonila Market: I’m a huge fan of Fixer Upper on HGTV, so I’m dying to go to the Silos and check it all out.
  10. And finally, Britney Spears’ show in Vegas. Not pictured.

Each time I check something off my list, I’ll be posting a blog update about it. Who’s up for some travel now?

Where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel to? Tell me in the comments!

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