It was my full intention to have this up on January 1st. While it was a good intention, sometimes things get in the way. We celebrated Christmas with my family on New Year’s Day, then came an off day, then came sickness, and well, now, here we are.

I hesitate to call these my resolutions. I think I’ll say that they are my hopes for this year. Every year I say I’m going to work out or lose weight, and this year, I’m not going to say that. I’m going to focus my 2017 hopes on cultivating my dreams and skills and bettering myself, strengthening my relationship with my family & my friends, and living more positively.

My dreams for 2017 are:

  1. Blog once a week. My mom may the only one to read it, but it’s cathartic to me to write.
  2. 365 day selfie challenge. I’ve already failed at this one. I was miserably sick yesterday. I’m going to keep trying though.
  3. Read 12 new books. Stop reading the Babysitter Club series. They’re just so addictive.
  4. Cook 2 new dishes a month.
  5. Keep planner updated. I’ve spent the money on the planner, cute stickers, and special pens. Now to make myself actually use them.
  6. Get in bed before midnight at least twice a week. I guess going to sleep before midnight is another story.
  7. Get into the office before 9am at least twice a week. This goes hand-in-hand with the one above. Stop oversleeping. Stop hitting snooze.
  8. Start a supper club. My mom used to be in a supper club where she got together with her friends a couple times a year. I want to start a quarterly supper club with my girlfriends. I spent a long time thinking I wasn’t worthly of female friendship, now that I have female friends, I want to strengthen and deepen those relationships.

Right now this seems doable. Check back with me in April.


2 thoughts on “2017.

  1. I think these goals are very achievable! It will be hard, but you can do it! I also need to use my fancy planner I got with the extras. Which planner did you get?


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